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The Division 2 | I Were This Game !!!

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Let me be clear, I The Division 2 will be the summer game of the first game, two new features are added, the first game errors, but a second clean the game can be solved with a second game, so it will be as crazy as they would have removed the money, and at the end of the first day will be forgotten and buried. But it didn't happen at all.

I am surprised, indeed.

Think about the first game, the first month, but I've played in love, but more than once at the end of the week "meeeh" I started to pull, for me with each new incoming patch and content even more went to the bottom and a big disappointment as the game it was in my library. I've had all the bad words I've made for The Division 2. I lick the spit I know right now. I really didn't think I'd play a game that was so good and that I had a lot of content from the first day.

This time they've done such a good job that I can hardly find a place to say, almost. Obviously I waited specifically for this review to write, let's come a week, a few patches, let's see whether it will get worse or better. The monster continues to be as good as it goes, the small errors we have encountered quickly patched Ubisoft, continues to patch.

Less is left to be corrected, and they are minor mistakes that we encounter in every game. For example, once I got stuck in the wall, I was trapped on the escalator once, the most grueling mistake I have had. At the end of the 50+ hours I've played, I can't even talk about it twice, eh.

The first game was pretty good as graphics and sound, yes, of course it was downgrade. But what we saw for The Division 2 came out, the same quality output came out. Even better, in the beta, the collapsing, safe, the optimization is destined to the ground, the game gives my machine 30 fps difficult, 60 fps in the full version is flowing right now. Bravo Ubisoft, bravo

Oooo! Where we are, where we are!

I've come to the subject of content, you already know the subject, the process continues, and this time 7 months after the first event, and we're in Washington, but not in our first game, we're playing as another Division Agent completely. In the game there are all the contents of the first game, such as bounty hunting, dark zones, rations, etc.

<img class="wp-image-95142 size-full" src="http://fragtist.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/The-Division-2-2.jpg" alt=" We can track what's happening in the city in real time from the map. "Width =" 1920 "height =" 1080 "/>

We can follow the real-time map of the city.

This time, however, the collection of supplies is more efficient, there are control areas that need to be captured, these regions are taking over and the militias on our side to the regional control. From time to time, we have to supply these militia supplies so that they can get more successful results from the attacks, and they should not lose the region.

In addition, the Raid system is also a must-have for online games. Raid, who will ask for a team of 8 people in particular, seems to be coming up with pleasant and challenging gameplay, especially as it simultaneously splits players into groups of four and from different points to a single zone. When you finish the story of the game as if that wasn't enough, things got mixed up, a group called Black Tusk was involved, and de Anyway, I'm going to be spoiler.

stuff! FURTHER ITEMS !!!

Another of my favorite innovations in the game is that the valuable item-finding system in the game has been rebuilt. In other words, to find and use useful set items such as men, we do not need to reach a end game side, but we can also find items that work very well. In summary, until the 30's with white or green objects, we are not going to see the yellow falls and work.

In the first game, the weapons and equipment modulation system is further developed and diversified, and this time we can improve our capabilities by modifying our capabilities. Another beauty, formerly the weapons "foregrip, mag, muzzle, optic" such as add-on to go to the map had to be removed from the map, it has changed. Now all we have to do is score and open as perk it's that simple.

But of course, for higher levels and varieties, the extra tasks given to us in the game from the camps, or rather the desired material, weapons, equipment donations blueprint to open and we want to craft add-on.

Don't forget to improve the table, do not do it as a low level when you place your crafting, watch out for crafting weapons, equipment or something. 6 Then some friends like (Naber Serdar? Hehe) cry because the material went to vain.

Get Hive, Hive!

The technologies we use as talent in the game have been developed, so the number of talents has been increased. A few new features have been added, including my favorite Hive. We can use it to increase the number of traps for damage, health for the defender, or increase our attack power (including our group) .

<img class="wp-image-95144 size-full" src="http://fragtist.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/The-Division-2-3.jpg" alt=" Hive was my favorite skill. "Width =" 1920 "height =" 1080 "/>

Hive was my favorite talent.

Difficulty levels are divided into five different ways in tasks and other group activities. The Challenge, which is defined as Story, Normal, Hard, Challenge, and Heroic, requires rigorous equipment and coordinated gameplay, or your nose won't stop.

The Heroic difficulty level didn't come out when we wrote these lines, and we are now waiting for the Heroic level to come with Raid. Let's see how Heroic is in the Challenge.

OK I know you know I love Ubi, but now I have to bury it, and you should know it. However, Ubi, Rainbow Six: Siege, Ghost Recon: With the Wildlands and the Assassinysss Creed Odyssey, he was now scratching his name and moving it up again. Moreover, if you want to take the Year Pass if you want to play in other games, you did not receive? You can have all new content by accessing the new content only a week later, and continues to feature in The Division 2.

Of course, taking a Year Pass means adding a few additional cosmetics, cosmetic fools, or impatient ones who can't wait a week and go directly [

I would like to thank Kinguin.net, who gave me the opportunity to access The Division 2. You can also buy from here

After adding the Raid system and Heroic difficulty to the game, let me know that I will add information about them under this review!

<img class="wp-image-95153 size-full" src="http://fragtist.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/The-Division-2-6.jpg" alt=" Checkpoints are of great importance. "Width =" 1920 "height =" 1080 "/>

Checkpoints are of the utmost importance.

Now I'm going, because there are a lot more checkpoints that need to be captured, supplies that need to be helped, and many hostages that need to be saved!

Over !n out!

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