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Risk of Rain 2 |

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The first game side-scroller came out as a bullethell game, The Risk of Rain 2 came in TPS and 3D and of course I can still say it was bullethell. Moreover, it came quite quietly. The game doesn't have much of a crazy subject, it just offers pure action and it amuses you in doing so.

The enemy rain!

As soon as the game begins, we fall in a capsule to a planet, and as time goes on, more and more enemies are becoming increasingly looted in the game. The main aim in Risk of Rain, which is literally a rogue-like, is to reach the teleporter in the section, call the boss and kill. Then go through the teleporter and proceed to the next section and continue in the same cycle.


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The latest challenge of the game, HAHAHAHAHA! he's going 900

In the game we collect items to overcome the enemies and these items come out of the boxes and terminals that are interspersed in sections. When the boxes are randomly disposed, the terminals allow us to choose between several different items. Apart from these, there are also shrines, one of them can give money by sacrificing a certain percentage of our total soul, we can buy money by giving money to another. But this is a bit risky. Sometimes we can't make any profit and we're wasting money.

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These items we collect more than one of our passive powers in the form of the ability to carry the multiplier rate increases. The rareness system of the goods is separated into white, blue and red colors. There are also orange ones, they give extra active talent. If you want to look at things like this, I can get you the following.

Apart from all these boxes and shrines, there are also tiny flying drones. Drone's bullets, rocket launches and can filling types are available. The drones ride with us and even come with us when they move to the next section, they're very useful. We also produce orbits of different colors in sections. After the Orblar boss dies, he opens a portal of his own color and takes us to a vendor where we can buy goods with lunar coins. Here, we can throw three or five objects into the boiler and exchange a specific item for them.

The game is fun when you play alone, but the real fun and hubbub starts in Co-Op. The biggest problem in this section is bartering, unfortunately we cannot exchange between us and hopefully this feature will be added as soon as possible. If a player dies, others can make the player who has passed through the division into the game again.

I haven't been able to open all the characters yet, but there are currently six characters in the game, plus four of them are under construction, so we'll have ten characters in total. If you would like to have the game you can get it by visiting Kinguin.net


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