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Overkill Deads The Walking Dead | Review

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Don’t open, dead inside!

Overkill olans The Walking Dead, which was written in gold with its Payday series, dragged our jaw on the ground with its cinematics. I couldn't dive into the moment on the day of departure, I didn't want to sit on it without filling a 20, and I didn't want to interrupt it, as we were going through the examinations everywhere.

I like the game, but the sides I don't like have a little bit more. Moreover, the first few hours of fun and ın why they buried ın I said the game, but after the first 5-10 hours, I started to get a little narrower and finally came to sit down and I said it was time to write, why the following lines in the You will understand well dear readers.

But in the first place, if you say you want to clutter like Payday, there is no such world in this game. However, as in Payday again, as you say a few minutes, you have to make the book of the work and plan it. Again in the game where we have formed a team of four, more than one person can choose the same character.

Our characters, all of whom represent a different class, have their own personal characteristics and abilities, and they are specialized in weapons. The game is trying to match us with someone online, of course we can turn it off if we want to, but there is no reality to survive in this game alone. Now we come to the parts I like and dislike.

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Overkill Deads The Walking Dead | Review YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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