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Nine Dots developed by Stuidos and published by Deep Silver, was provided to us by the code Kinguin . Outward is a serious new breath to the RPG genre, and you will decide.

The trailer is a lot of gas but, I don't know.

We don't hold our hand!

I think you can imagine what I mean by the first few minutes of the game. We start with a frost on the game. The game does not give us any clue as to which way to go, but of course there is an orientation. However, it does not do this over the interface, but instead uses visual guidance in chapter design (Visual Guidence) . So the first thing we need to get out of the game is actually pushing us with an invisible hand.

Anyway, I don't want to extend the word too much, we finally wake up in a city, and after the dialogue with the NPCs that meet us, the game gives us the task, (You can either collect the money within 5 days or you will put the money in front of the door. She releases to the environment bir but where did you come from? “

Let me give you a hint at this point, at the beginning of the game (in the first city) but don't climb to a high place and then jump, you die, there is very strong falling damage in the game, if you die, the game continues after 10 days, you're staying. What is left in the house is not in the environment nor anything else. If you say huh I'll make the job more difficult, then let you take 10 days. 🙂

Did you say class selection?

By the way, there are no events such as class selection or something in the game, let me state from the beginning (we've gone through a bit but get) . Although the game is mainly based on war, exploration and grind, the exploration work is pleasant in this type of games, but the game's old-fashioned graphics engine obviously gets a little annoying. Because the game will appear in the beginning of the early 2000s and seems to be delayed until 19 years. But even though it is annoying, it is a strange feeling to wander around in different biomes and evoke curiosity within the human despite all the bad graphics.

In the game you have neither a passenger, nor fast travel. Therefore, the game seriously wants time and patience. In fact, I can say that I'm a little bit satisfied with this situation, because it is not even sincere to skip the mysterious details of the open world in intermediate zones that are transient with travel or passenger.

The most part of the fighting part, especially the beginning of the game and the mechanics in the already not learn (I said we do not hold the game) as well as the enemy when two of the nose break the nose is enough, with you? I will try amak and leave the game. And we're struggling with the stamina as if it wasn't hard at all, and we have to get a good night's sleep to fill the stamina. Hah, without forgetting, of course the survival elements have also taken place in Outward, and hunger and thirst will be one of your biggest problems.

The sword of the sword, the magic is already wearing the suits of man!

The game doesn't have a lot of equipment, weapons and abilities as it should be in RPG games, but the other side is the annoying combat mechanics attack / defend, go around, pass through a loop in the consistency of attack, so it's a breathtaking battle I don't expect animations.

The magic part of the work is a little more enjoyable but it is not an innovative situation, we can create different attractions by combining different spells. Of course, these combinations during the war to keep in mind and apply in the right order, a separate virtue, easy to come. However I like the fact that such events, although it is difficult in Outward, the result I received was satisfactory.

The co-op part of the game is the real fun part. Whether it's on split-screen or online, we can play with our friends. However, I would also say that you are faced with a construction that will force the boundaries of your friendship.

The final decision!

Unsuccessful artificial intelligence, disappeared items, failures to the place where I stopped the task when I said that the game needs a serious solid finish, and I decided to take a break. Perhaps I will sit down again in a period of time and write a large review, but I can't recommend a game with so much trouble. At least for now.

But if you say you're thinking of taking it anyway. You can access the game code through Kinguin.net

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