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Generation Zero – Your Time is More Valuable

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I wasn't at all excited about Generation Zero but there was frankly a lot of curiosity after the positive comments I received from people who had played the closed beta. The game opened early and provided us with a code to try the game Kinguin.net

In fact, within the first 5 minutes of the game I started buna okay, a long review will be revealed in the future ilk I said, but it was not clear that then it was revealed. Sandbox Survival is one of the many games we have defined as the Generation Zero, both survival, as well as action and role-playing elements brought together, the situation is not very pleasing.

Retro weather is beautiful, of course though.

Sweden, 1980s. Residents of the town disappear. Isn't it exactly the '90s movie script? Gör
A young Swedish man was attacked on his boat on his way back from the camp, and when he regained consciousness he saw that everyone in his town had vanished. What's going on, we're also looking at where anyone can tell us that robots roam around us. The first thing we encounter is four-legged and dog-like species. Of course, not only that, as we progress in the game we also encounter larger and more robotic robots. From the beginning of the game, to the first region (though the first region is not very accurate, it is a huge map, this is the first region where we go first, right?) Anyway.) going right and finding a note inside the church And from this note, we try to find people. Throughout the game you can imagine a lot of loot and underneath every stone is waiting for us to poke.

Although the visuality of the GZ is good enough to lower the jaws on the published screenshots, I unfortunately didn't get those images from the game I'm on top of. Environmental designs or something pretty good, so in a game for 98 in that retro-look both environment and character clothes and hair, beard choices, or something nice. However, the works do not progress at all as they seem at first, and after a while all the spells slowly disappear as they look at each other's houses, safes, cabinets, etc.

The trailer is too much gas, but I would say still not so high.

Meanwhile, sounds and music are much more successful compared to the visual side. Whether it's environmental sounds, gunfire, or even the robots' sounds, they're up and down and they're choking up and down what they're doing. The day and night cycle is time-balanced, while the game lasts longer during the day, but in Generation Zero this is fine. Besides that, of course there is also the weather conditions, which gives the game another plus points.

I have to say that the details of the weapons, such as the sound, the reaction and the feeling of being hit, are also beautiful. Now what they said is to eat the right to kill the stout, so I wanted to express this tiny detail.
Did someone say a role-playing game?

While we are starting the game, we have the chance to customize the character we have chosen as we wish. The talent tree has a wide range of content, so you have a chance to make a character you want. Well, I think it would be ridiculous that it wasn't in a game that had a role-playing game air. I would also like to say that the cosmetic clothing we found throughout the game has different additional features, for example, while a pants provide resistance to heat, while another can increase resistance to cold.

I need to play Co-Op, I'm serious because it's not possible to catch anything on our own. We don't have the luxury of taking the talent every time we see it in the tree. A number of features can be life-saving, facilitating, such as removing the attacking robots from inactivity, lapping more material, or marking the enemy. It is a good idea to have a support and a character in the team with high technical abilities.

Once in a certain way the Generation Zero is made for co-op, not just for one person, you can withstand a maximum of 2 hours when you try to play alone, because you don't even have an NPC around. I could not find. Let me know if you find it. Doesn't NPC play a role-playing game?

Things are getting worse.

Worse, since it already has a repetitive structure, it makes us say that the notes we collect around here, sound recordings and so on, make it look like tan it won't get anywhere! Zaten and all the excitement is slowly disappearing. Of course you can be counted as fun as a place again when you play with 3 to 4 people co-op distracted with friends, but up to a place.

Let me be clear, the developers have planned a lot of things as they set out, but they seem to have not been able to reflect on the game as they planned. As far as I can tell, closed beta, the demo now offers a limited game, no matter what everyone says “if the demo is so good, the full version will be in the üff te mode.

Artificial intelligence places. Now, you can say diye there are robots there, of course, there will be limited ol but I can't accept it. Think about it, there are no more people than us and the robots go around, we know that we have been invaded, that is, but they are incapable of doing two simple tactical moves. Just because they're robots, they're more durable and very damaging. Sad.

It was a shame.

Generation Zero, which has a very long gameplay on its gigantic map, can be a pleasure for those who want to go around and make a lot of loot. Of course, if you can ignore the hardships I've counted in tons of bugs and upwards lines.

The Division 2 | I Were This Game !!! Did not.


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Generation Zero – Your Time is More Valuable YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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