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Dirt Rally – İnceleme

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Dirt Rally

Codemasters, which has not lost its leadership for 5 years, continues to maintain its title this year. With experience and achievements in this field, Codemasters is determined to remain only as a developer of racing games.

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Dirt Rally

In the F1 and Dirt series of the manufacturer's company, the company consistently escaped tire-burning and Ken Block-style shows, short tracks, simplified visuals, and a lot of rally fans. His latest release, Dirt Rally, is considered to be a series of intense rally atmosphere to reconcile the game.

We can say that the Codemasters team has surpassed itself. Dirt Rally, which has a full rally atmosphere, seems to be a success this time.

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Dirt Rally

Sound Effects Great With One Word

In the game you will have the most exciting sound effects. Let us excite you with a few tips. While the rally process is in the game, it is possible to hear sounds from the reaction of the stones with the transmission, the impacts of the vehicle from the outside, the damage caused by the trigger belt to the manifold.

We think that the Codemasters team did the job properly. We recommend you to solve the rally concept with an effective sound card or headset to live both visually and sensitively.

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Dirt Rally

Vehicle Improvements and Accident Effects

This time, Dirt Rally has achieved impressive tools with really superior designs than other vehicles. You will be convinced that the same results are taken when you compare the damage of the vehicles in the game with the real rally video.

<img class="size-large wp-image-1272" src="http://www.oyunanaliz.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/6-2-1024×576.jpg" alt=" Dirt Rally "width =" 1024 "height =" 576 "/>

Dirt Rally

You can do all the fine enhancements without having a master engine knowledge in the tool development. The reason is the simplified development interface. It shows the vehicle owner how to make a contribution to performance by means of data in the vehicle section you are going to develop.

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Dirt Rally

Player Experiences and Missing

You will notice in the first minutes that the game requires a game controller with an analog stick. Therefore, you must play the game on PS4.

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Dirt Rally – İnceleme YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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