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Anthem Review | He still has the chance!

Anthem Review | He still has the chance!

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  • Anthem Review | He still has the chance!

Ah, Anthem ah! When I saw how enthusiastic Bioware was doing, of course, there would be difficulties in my first week I think I would be corrected. However, it wasn’t at all like that on more closed and open demonstrations (I’m not going to say demo, I’m not saying beta, I’m coming to beta) showed us how troubled.

But there is a hope, we have said that they will handle and solve. However, it did not complete, especially for those who pre-ordered the problem came out with the game, endless loading times, crashes came up with many optimization problems.

They said the right to kill the siege!

Bioware is struggling to fix the start, once it has been. They’ve already lost a lot of players. Of course, some will come back, some of the enthusiasm escaped, even if they look back again is not known.

What we do not understand is that while there were so many looter shooters in the market, many of them made similar mistakes and corrected them later, so how did Bioware do that? If he had, he would be a much better Anthem now.

I’ve obviously waited for a long time to write these lines. Currently, the game runs even on a very low system, and loading times have been reduced for up to a minute. So it continues to make progress in optimization.

Just a second, one second. Loading …

However, however, the gameplay is a sign of the really big question of how to fix the big troubles in the part. Every step of the loading is almost done, so you are going on a loading basis, loading forge, loading the city, loading. We’re going to speed up to 5, and the hop is getting ahead of us and stopping our speed, and it’s on a straight-line road. He undermines him. As I said anyway, at least the loading times were shortened and the game was no longer cooler.

Look beautiful in the world!

Anthem. The legendary heroes of the Legion of Dawn have saved humanity from slavery under the Urgoth race and have passed hundreds of years. After the disappearance of Tarsis, the organization and heroes who couldn’t stay together were divided into three different groups. The Sentinels, the Dominions and the Freelancers, so we are.

There is another important issue you should know that Anthem. Anthem of Creation with full name. The divine beings called Shapers, which are believed to have shaped the world, began to shape the world by using this creation god, Anthem of Creation, created lives, but disappeared for some unknown reason before they were completed.

For this reason, it has been protected from disasters with the control of Freelancer groups in the world. The game starts with an event similar to that of Hearth of Rage. As a freelancer, we are quite unsuccessful in this mission. Then we find ourselves in Tarsis after a period of two years. Our aim is to move the Freelancers back to the golden age, fight against the evil head and protect the world, and complete the contracts given to us on the one hand.

The story of the game was intriguing and the mechanics of gameplay were able to attract the attention of all the players. Especially with customizable Javelins, we can even make our own Ironman look. As in every shooter looter game, the most important goal is to reach the last level in Anthem and to have the best loot. To achieve this, we have to overthrow the same enemies at more difficult levels, over and over again.

Gameplay is also delicious now!

The most important of the gameplay mechanics is our ability to combos and Detonator with our features . But the game is quite unsuccessful at this point. In fact, the game fails to explain a number of things in general, it remains. The “new player 900 is not a friend.

Primer comboya preparation, the detonator’de finish. Especially when Grandmaster has reached the difficulty level, it is not possible to get enough damage without these combos. Another advantage of the combos is that the javelin, which we play, allows the ultimate ability to be filled faster. Reddit FireDragon04 has created a nice chart on Primer and Detonator, and I leave it as follows.

Forge javelins fine tunes our bodies as well as of course, weapons and equipment can be set as a setting. Let us also say that it is a good idea to choose the equipment we are devoted to. Other than that, according to the value of such as, common, rare, epic, legendary gibi the damage or defense of the equipment does not change and the additional features change. While some add more damage to the sniper, some pistol is perhaps offering faster shield regeneration.

Javelins, Javelinleeer!

4 for now, Ranger, Storm, Colossus and Interceptor .

Ranger is a hybrid javelin. Storm originally Dominion technology, Javelin is a complete magician, lightly armored but a complete exterminator thanks to its elements. The Colossus is a full tank with its shield, rugged armor and huge body, but it doesn’t joke about damage, its hand and gun damage is quite heavy.

Finally, my favorite is Interceptor a full grasshopper, ninja, you name it. . He demonstrates his real potential with the blades in his hand rather than the guns. The opponent approaches from the rear, weak point and can cause high damage with combos in a short time. It can move very quickly and agile.

In addition to the missions, of course there is also an open world part which is a must for many games. While it may seem a bit small for the time being, it doesn’t feel that way. But yes, it’s still too small for an open world. Now, in the meantime, the open world saying that you’ll encounter with other players, only 4 people are talking about an open world.

In this part, by making World Events, we are able to pursue better loot, enter places such as caves / dungeons in certain locations, and find the World Boss . And Storngholds is the original dungeon concept of Anthem. However, the sad side of the work to be 2, one in the beginning of the game, the other is opening as the last task already.

With the upcoming Act 01 coming in March, we know that the new Stronghold will come, and hopefully with more frequency, Stronghold will come.

Let’s be Bioware!

Despite all the hardship, Anthem seems to be picking up a lot of games later. At this point, there are two things you can do. Now you can buy and play with patience, one is to pick up and play after completely recovering. This part is completely up to you, I’m sure Destiny, Division and many other games will find itself like a production of Anthem. I wish she had found it from the beginning.

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Come on, Bioware, hold your hand fast and let the game come to a cool point!

Anthem Review | He still has the chance! YAPILAN YORUMLAR